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Adlin P. Viera-World War 2- 1944
Maria do Rosaio Vieira do Coracao de Jesus 1849-1943
Wheat harvest in the Azores (Joe Sanches)
My father and uncles cutt...
Joao Dias Vieira and Maria Rita do Coracao de Jesus
Maria do Nascimenta Madruga born abt. 1864
Picture taken abt. 1918
'Holy Spirit' Celebration (Joe Sanches)
'Holy Spirit' Celebration...
Adlin P. Viera born June 3, 1909: son of Frank D. Viera
Frank Dias Viera's Family
My grandparents, Frank an...
Manuel Viera and Elizabeth Whelihan wedding of 1882
Wedding of Mary Machado and Frank D. Viera
Wedding of 1905

Portuguese Roots Database
           Searching for your Portuguese ancestors? Enter your information in this database and share your information with other family genealogists researching the same surnames and areas of Portugal. You can also search the old database here.   

Chorographic Dictionary of the Azores
     A great source of information to help in your Azorean genealogy research. 

Where in the Azores Database
      A Database of all  Freguesias, Paroquias and Concelhos of the Azores in a searcheable form. 

On-Line Family Tree 

If you already have your Family Tree in electronic format, you can publish it here and share  your Portuguese ancestor's genealogical information with others around the world!      

Portuguese Passenger Ship Lists
      Search your ancestors in our ship list archives. Our collection of ship manifests contain passengers to Hawaii and mainland USA

S. Jorge Families Database
      Database of Families from the Island of S. Jorge, Azores  (Conselho da Calheta)

Where do I start?
      A Guide for  starting portuguese family genealogists in the US.  

Portuguese Pioneer Families of the Sacramento Valley 




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